WILLA in Azerbaycan

470 000 $
WILLA in Azerbaycan
Дата: 17:27, 12 июня 2020
Объявления: Разное
Номер: 18005
Автор: Pavel R
Источник: russiansay.com

From the owner. Azerbaijan, Baku, Absheron Peninsula. In the elite, quiet, coastal part of the village of Bilgakh, dalan No. 15, 600 meters from the Sea, on a plot of 13 hundred, a newly built, brand new comfortable Villa is offered. Three floors, seven rooms with a total area of ​​420 sq.m, with a magnificent renovation in the "Modern" style, with a modern concept of a private residence and an emphasis on spaciousness and comfort for year-round living, with the presence of close Infrastructure. Electricity, Gas, Water around the clock, plus there is an additional 7 tons of water tank. Spacious balcony with extensive views. The project was built according to the highest Western standards with a reliable concrete foundation and warm walls made of double warm shell cube with an external stone exterior cladding. The interior uses high-quality facing materials - such as natural marble, granite, travertine, aglay. High ceilings, ground floor 4m, spacious rooms. The house is equipped with a system of combined heating and hot water. On each floor there are two bathrooms, a fireplace, heated floors, high-quality parquet and chandeliers, arched plastic windows, and custom-made doors. The lower basement floor with underfloor heating is planned to equip a sauna, for a sports room with a shower and a home theater. The kitchen is equipped with high quality furniture and modern appliances. In the courtyard there is a large spacious territory, a parking place, a comfortable pool, an equipped brazier, a stone oven for hot bread, a security room, surveillance cameras, a modern alarm system and Internet control. The villa is focused on the quality, convenience and comfort of living. All documents on land, construction, building in full order of the Owner. In addition, the Villa is located close to the Sea Breeze Resort & Residences, where the JARA International Music Festival is held annually. Supported by additional customer wishes for the improvement of the interior of the facility and the land.

------------- Sale Price - 790,000 manat.

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