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Flu Diabetes Immune Enhancing Treatment Thyroid Cancer Metabolic Syndrome Mussel Hydrolysate properties recommendation treatment buy store of traditional medicine. Rehabilitation after Radiation Chemotherapy Weight loss at home Sports nutrition. MIGI-K - a dark-colored liquid with a smell reminiscent of mushrooms, taste salty, containing a complete composition of essential and nonessential amino acids, micro nutrients, other biologically important compounds, is a complete protein product. The product of high biological activity, are made using special technology of ecologically pure meat of the black sea mussels. There are 23 amino Acids, 9 of which are considered essential, i.e. they are not produced by the body and must be obtained from food. The composition of mussel Hydrolysate contains 17 amino Acids, which allow to call this product universal. This quality allows the use of Protein hydrolysate Mussel in various fields: as a sports nutrition, and as means of weight loss, and as a means of dietary nutrition, and as a universal therapeutic drug wide application. Mussel Hydrolysate Protein has the following properties: it has a pronounced immunostimulating action (specialy for Flu); preventive and therapeutic effect by irradiation of ionizing radiation and elimination of toxic substances; restores immune system and increases the general resistance of people under physical, psychological and emotional overload; restores a violation of hematopoiesis in terms of chemo - and radiotherapy of tumors; it has anti-inflammatory, tonic and regulating action; reduces the likelihood of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract; it has radioprotective properties, i.e. it removes from the body radiation; stimulates the healing of the purulent postoperative complications, including cancer patients; it has the ability to potentiate (improve) other therapeutic drugs. Protein Hydrolysate application. The Protein Hydrolysate MIGI-K has no restrictions for use, side effects, contraindications and, thanks to the exclusive unique properties, it is recommended that: patients receiving radiation and chemotherapy; suffering from chronic inflammatory processes; strengthen the immune system; people with metabolic disorders and iron deficiency anemia; suffering from diabetes, excess cholesterol in the blood, thyroid disease; persons in contact with ionizing radiation, nuclear power plant personnel, radiologists, athletes, working with computer and office equipment; people living in the territory contaminated with radionuclides or in conditions of high radiation background. Application: Acceptance rate of 0.5 ml per 1 kg of body weight of a person in 1 or 2-3 doses a day for 10-12 days, during or after meals with some liquid (water, juices, broths, etc.) The Course may be repeated after 10-15 days. In connection with the salt content up to 20% (usually 16-18 %) do not take on an empty stomach.

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