Business for sale - Mesa, Arizona

Дата: 08:06, 17 сент. 2020
Адрес: Аризона / Меса
Объявления: Разное
Номер: 20286
Автор: Pavel R

Traffic exchange - Visitys Completely ready working business. Income generating. The sale includes. Website - 1) Content in 6 languages of the world, which covers more than 100 countries, EN - English - Russian, FR - French, ES - Spanish, DE - German, ZH - Chinese. 2) Convenient, responsive design and interactive elements. 3) The payment system through the Liqpay website is connected, which allows you to receive money to the owner's card immediately after the client has paid. 4) A referral system is integrated into the site, with the ability to provide a partner (referral) with a link and track traffic and orders for it. 5) Quick consultation systems with Telegram, Skype, Email clients are connected 6) Admin panel that allows you to manage any content: texts, discounts, prices, referrals and, of course, a customer database with order statuses. 7) All analytics and promotion systems are connected: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console. 8) IP determination of the user's location and displaying the desired phone number depending on the country. 9) The database in the admin panel allows you to work with the entire array of customer data, contacts, names, orders, notes, prices and much and much more. Domain • Registered one and a half to two years ago with the international registrar (USA) Hosting • Foreign hosting (USA). Hosting, as well as the domain, were registered with foreign American registrars to secure the business. Google Ads account and ads • A long-standing, fully working Google Ads account is transferred with the site. Everything is set up inside, search campaigns for many countries of the world and media banner. During the work, about UAH 10,000 was spent on the account. • Of course, all advertising and marketing materials for this project are also transferred (pdf presentation for clients, banners, sources, etc.) • Also, the site receives a small stream of visits from organic, absolutely free and without promotion. The site is prepared for SEO promotion, meta tags are registered, a sitemap is formed, even the first acquisitions of external links to the site have begun. • Visitors also come to the site via direct and email channels, as during the promotion many different channels were involved, for example, selective email and sms mailings and many others. other. Logo and naming • The logo and naming was developed with several factors in mind. It personifies a bird in flight and at the same time resembles a graph of traffic growth on the site, and the name Visitys is an abbreviation for visitors your site (visitors to your site). Databases and clients (you can only earn money on some databases) • Database of more than 750,000 contacts in Ukraine (mobile number, name, city of residence) • Database of more than 11,000,000 email addresses (Ukraine and Russia) • Customer base, product consumers about 5,000 users. Promotional and marketing materials • Banners, presentations, sources and other materials Access • Phone, email Financial indicators: Average bill - $ 300 Income per client - $ 200 CPC (Cost per customer) - $ 50 Net profit from 1 client - $ 150 Business foundation date - April 2019 Market launch date is January 2020. Since the beginning of the year, we have managed to attract more than 17,000 traffic from various channels and about 5,000 leads. Sale price = $ 20,000 = UAH 560,000. Price negotiating is possible. Contact details: Phone - 0730270070 Email -

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