Bichon Frize puppies - Manhattan, New York

3 000 $
Дата: 10:43, 29 мая 2021
Объявления: Разное
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Автор: Pavel R

Are you looking for a healthy purebred puppy? Then come to us! Photos are REAL MY DOGS !!!! Bichon Frize breed puppies from famous parents are offered for reservation. Parents were checked for the health of their eyes, knees, ultrasound of the heart and internal organs were done. Babies were born on March 03, 2021. Children will be ready to move to new homes in July 2021, after completing the full package of KSU / FCI documents, full vaccination with new European-style veterinary passports and chipping. When buying a puppy, a contract is required! Consulting on raising and raising puppies on an ongoing basis! The Bichon Frize breed is very beautiful and attracts the attention of others. But at the same time, this breed is susceptible to allergies. And signs of allergies are always visible on the dog's coat and eyes. Therefore, in order for the dogs to be always snow-white and well-groomed, their fur and eyes require maximum care. All our puppies have been accustomed to these hygienic procedures since childhood and have a gorgeous coat and clean eyes! Puppies grow up in a family with people, fully socialized and accustomed to the diaper. Our puppies are our kids, for whom we look for the best families !!! More photos (video) of puppies and information about the kennel on Facebook and Instagram. https// #bichon_kennel We are always open to communication! Our famous parents: Sire - FRIZZLED LIFE O'DU-ONE KENOBY Titles - Junior Champion of Ukraine - Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine - Junior Champion of Czech - WDS 2015 Junior Class - IV place - 3 * Champion of Ukraine - Grand Champion of Ukraine - Super Grand Champion of Ukraine - BBB in Ukraine - Champion of Bessarabia - Grand Champion of Bessarabia - Champion of Moldova - Grand Champion of Moldova - Super Grand Champion of Moldova - Best of the Best in the Breed in Moldova - Champion of Latvia J.BOB*5; BOB*18; CACIB*9; R.CACIB*2; BIS PUPPY II*1; BIS JUNIOR II*1; BIS JUNIOR IV*1; BIG IV*1; BIG III*2; BIG II*2; BIG I*6; BIS II*2; BIS I*3 Eye (clear) Patella-0/0 Dam - YURAN WHITE ACTIVE BABY Titles - Junior Champion of Ukraine - Junior Grand Champion of Ukraine J.CAC*7; CAC*7; JBOB*5; BOS*1; BOB*5; CACIB*2; R.CACIB*1; BIG IV*2; BIG I*1; BIS III*1 Eye (clear) Patella-0/0 Official monobreed kennel Bichon Frize in Ukraine "YurAn White", Kharkiv Животные: Продам

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